Sports Injury and Illness Prevention Research

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Aspetar Sports Injury and Illness Prevention (ASPREV)

RESEARCH AIM: To establish a long-term research programme on injury and illness prevention and to develop the Athlete Periodic Health Examination (PHE) program to cater for the different groups of athletes competing in Qatar.

Launched in November 2012, ASPREV established 1) a long-term research programme examining the possible relationship between medical /musculoskeletal conditions and the prediction of future injury or illness, and 2) a long-term surveillance programme (primarily in the Qatar Stars League (QSL) and QOC Volleyball) to collect injury and exposure data. Any injuries requiring imaging or more extensive treatment, such as surgery or rehabilitation, are referred directly into Aspetar, providing us with the unique opportunity to collect more in-depth data on the pathology and outcomes of specific types of injuries.

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