Continuing Medical Education / Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD)

Aspetar is accredited as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider by the Department of Healthcare Professions (DHP), formerly the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) of the Ministry of Public Health since June 2016. We were recently re-accredited for five years in December 2021. We are extremely proud of this partnership.

Overall purpose

The Aspetar Medical Education Department and its Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD) Unit co-create and deliver a Sports Medicine and Science education ecosystem that develops healthcare professionals’ skills and knowledge through comprehensive, evidence-based, and interprofessional life-long learning. We commit to a Healthcare Professionals’ CPD Program that delivers excellence to all stakeholders, aligned to Aspetar’s mission and strategic objectives.


The mission of the Aspetar Healthcare Professionals’ CPD program is to:

  • Provide comprehensive, evidence-based, and interprofessional education and training grounded in cutting-edge Sports Medicine and Science to healthcare professionals and stakeholders
  • Facilitate the on-going professional development of Aspetar healthcare professionals:
    • To improve their role-specific competencies, and
    • To ensure re-licensing according to the Qatar Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Healthcare Professions - Accreditation Section (DHP-AS) National CME/CPD Framework.
  • Maintain Aspetar’s DHP-AS-accredited CME/CPD provider status.
  • Manage an effective and efficient CME/CPD activity accreditation process at Aspetar.
  • Develop and disseminate medical education research.


  • Aspetar healthcare professionals.
  • Local, regional, and international healthcare professionals.
  • Other stakeholders.

Types of activities offered include

  • Synchronous conferences, workshops, symposia, seminars, courses, live webinars, and regularly scheduled educational rounds such as lecture series and journal clubs.
  • Self-directed learning opportunities, including online access to peer reviewed journals and evidence repositories, feedback, and other material for asynchronous learning.

Learning formats are highly interactive, sequenced for learning and promote retention.

Expected results

The Aspetar Healthcare Professionals’ CPD Program commits to engage stakeholders in co-creating and delivering Sports Medicine and Science CME/CPD activities that are:

  • Objective and balanced.
  • Free of commercial bias.
  • Improving knowledge, skills, performance, and the intention to change practice.
  • Promoting retention.

This will ultimately contribute to better patient outcomes

We continuously evaluate CME/CPD activities according to one or more of Kirkpatrick’s Hierarchy of evaluation domains:

  • Satisfaction (do participants respond favorably to the activity?).
  • Learning (do participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, and attitudes?).
  • Behavioral change (do participants apply what they learned?).
  • Impact (do the expected outcomes occur?).