Ramadan Fasting and Exercise for Healthy Individuals

Ramadan Fasting and Exercise for Healthy Individuals
دليل سبيتار حول صيام رمضان وممارسة الرياضة للأفراد الأصحاء

Ramadan Fasting and Exercise for Healthy Individuals

To facilitate healthy habits, Aspetar recommends using its clinical guideline on Ramadan fasting and exercise for healthy individuals as a reference in their daily activities during Ramadan.

The guideline, launched in 2021, is the fruit of extensive collaboration amongst specialists in Qatar and international experts, representing various scientific and educational institutions worldwide. Aspetar affirms that the document is regularly reviewed and updated with the current best evidence and expert opinions from all relevant specialists and athletes involved with training and competing during Ramadan.

The Ramadan fasting and exercise guideline covers various topics related to exercising and healthy practices during the month of Ramadan. Among them, the guideline emphasises the importance of timing your exercise routine and recommends the most suitable time to train before or after Iftar.

Furthermore, the guideline discusses key principles, including repetition, intensity, time, and type of exercise for optimal training. It also touches upon critical aspects such as nutrition, hydration, and cooling strategies, while considering the psychological and spiritual effects, as well as the social and cognitive aspects of exercising during this sacred month.

Aspetar is committed to promoting healthy habits during Ramadan, and the hospital has initiated a yearly campaign about fasting and exercising. The hospital is a leader in fasting research and regularly conducts studies to better understand the impact of fasting on the human body. The hospital's experts have vast knowledge and experience in helping individuals maintain their fitness levels during Ramadan while adhering to the principles of fasting.

Aspetar urges all exercisers to be mindful of the guidelines for exercising during the fasting period. Advising the community to use its Ramadan fasting and exercise guideline, Aspetar is providing individuals with the necessary knowledge and tools to maintain their fitness levels while observing the principles of fasting, ensuring they remain healthy and active throughout the month.