Ethical Approval Submission Portal

Ethical Approval Submission (IRB portal)

The AZF Institutional Review Board ensures compliance with local and institutional regulations with regard to human subjects research.

Aspetar has developed an electronic system for managing, submitting, reviewing, and overseeing the research protocols in Aspire Zone and in institutions/researchers with a reliance agreement with the AZF Institutional Review Board. The new portal features include electronic document management, automatic notifications, electronic submissions and reviews, and important audit capabilities including electronic revision histories.

If you are a researcher from Aspire Zone or another research institution in Qatar that needs ethics approval for a project, you may access the AZF IRB portal through a web browser by visiting and self-registering.

For registration Click Here.

If you are already registered, please login to IRB Portal.  

All protocols (including revisions and renewals) must be submitted electronically via the AZF IRB Portal, and all review decision letters will be issued electronically via the new portal. As for the protocols already submitted and still in-process, the review will be completed by email as usual.

For additional information please contact the AZF IRB Office at