Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

By providing prompt, quality medical imaging, the Medical Imaging department is critical to the diagnosis, and appropriate management, of sports injuries.

Uses some of the most advanced equipment for outpatient diagnostic imaging and radiology Aspetar provides patients a full range of services including plain films, DEXA scan, Computerised Tomography (CT), Ultrasound, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and additionally offers diagnostic and therapeutic image-guided joint injections.  

Aspetar’s experienced medical imaging team is instrumental in ensuring appropriate selection of modality and imaging protocols for all patients with a view to “best test first.”

Utilising an evidence-based model, Aspetar radiologists work together with skilled technologists, nurses, and experienced practitioners to efficiently provide imaging services as part of our multidisciplinary approach to athlete management.

Procedures provided by the Medical Imaging department include:


  • facet injection
  • lumbar and sacral nerve blocks
  • SI joint injections


  • Image guided Joint and Soft tissue PRP injection
  • Image guided Joint Synvisc injection
  • Image guided Joint and Soft tissue Steroid injection
  • Image guided Joint and Soft tissue Aspiration

Medical imaging is an extremely dynamic field, and is one in which Aspetar continues to take a leading position. By not only keeping up with the latest developments, but also being consistently involved in research driving the field forward, Medical Imaging at Aspetar is able to provide the best in diagnostic imaging and therapy currently available.