Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy

Aspetar qualified hand therapist can evaluate and treat any problem relative to the upper extremities through a particular set of knowledge and skills.

The hand therapists can effectively treat and rehabilitate the patient through postoperative rehabilitation, preventative, non-operative, or conservative treatment, or industry consultation.

Our incredible team in hand therapy provide passive and dynamic splints, post-operative management of carpal tunnel and mallet finger surgery, management of hand and wrist fractures, and the rehabilitation management of sport specific activities following injury to the hand or wrist. 

Hand injury rehabilitation in Aspetar is a teamwork, the therapist works closely with Aspetar world-renowned physician and surgeons  to provide a continuum of care using standardized, evidence-based approach.  

A dedicated team of physiotherapists at Aspetar have acquired specialised training, and are constantly upgrading their skills through ongoing educational courses and communication with international experts.

What are some of hand therapy’s main benefits?

  • Treatments that don’t require an operation
  • Reducing sensitivity to nerve issues
  • Relief from pain
  • Teaching patient how to make splints to help improve stiffness
  • Expedited timeline for returning to work
  • Increased ability to perform everyday tasks
  • Regaining feeling after a nerve injury
  • Help crafting personalized home exercise programs that will benefit your movement and strength