Sports Podiatry

Sports Podiatry

The Aspetar Sports Podiatry team supports both the Sports Medicine and Surgery Departments with the diagnosis, management, screening and prevention of foot and lower limb injuries and disorders. Conditions can range from foot and ankle pain through to knee and lower back pain.

Sports Podiatry interventions focus on improving the function of the lower limb and reducing excessive load on injured areas through:

  • Specific footwear advice
  • Basic lower limb strengthening exercises
  • Gait retraining
  • Foot orthoses

The Aspetar Sports Podiatry team consists of highly trained specialists with extensive experience who work with athletes ranging from people simply wanting to be active, all the way through to Olympic and World Champions across a wide range of sports.

The Aspetar Podiatry unit uses cutting edge equipment such as high-speed video for running assessments, in-shoe force and pressure sensors and IMU’s for on field analysis, 3D laser foot scanning for accurate and fast foot shape and size acquisition and CADCAM technology to produce custom-made foot orthotics. These technologies provide an in-depth insight into biomechanical factors contributing to any specific injury and help track and treat the athlete in their return to sport and performance.

By combining international expertise with state-of-the-art technology, the Aspetar Podiatry team provides a unique - athlete-centered - assessment and orthotic service, capable of producing any type of individualised custom foot orthosis, in a wide range of materials, within hours of walking through the door.

In addition to the wide range of medical services provided by Aspetar to allow a speedy and accurate diagnosis, the Aspetar Sports Podiatry unit provides a unique ‘one-stop’ foot and lower limb service. Whether you are looking for a screening of your feet or running style, specific footwear advice related to your sport or treatment of an injury, the Aspetar Podiatry team is at your service.