The Anaesthesia department at Aspetar provides a comprehensive anaesthetic service to Aspetar patients requiring surgery, chronic pain blocks, and other procedures. Our state-of-the-art facilities and modern operating theatre suite ensure the safest provision of anaesthesia, procedural sedation, and post-operative care with utmost precision.

The department is made up of a highly skilled team of consultants who are leaders in their fields. All highly experienced clinicians, with many years of professional clinical expertise from around the world, they provide patients with the highest level of care.

Each patient in our pre-admission clinic will receive advice and counsel prior to surgery – optimising any medical conditions, and fully informing them on the choices of anaesthesia – be it regional (with or without sedation), general, or a combination of the two. We ensure our patients are fully informed and have the chance to ask any questions they may have. The choice of anaesthesia is driven by many different factors and our decision is based 100% on safety, which is always our number one priority. Anaesthetic care is based on clinical research and the highest level of evidence-based medicine.

The Anaesthesia department at Aspetar also aids patients with perioperative care and acute pain management throughout their hospital stay. Our department works cohesively as a well-integrated, highly efficient team at all times.

Administration of anaesthesia before, during, and after surgery is done using the most up to date safety profile. We use Total Intravenous Anaesthesia or Target Controlled Infusions, with cerebral monitoring as standard for additional safety. Our team remains with each patient throughout their procedure, closely monitoring vital organ function, nociception, and overall global care. Staff also provide acute pain management services, specialising in regional nerve blocks – performed for many operations to ensure patient comfort after the procedure. All regional nerve blocks are performed with precise, direct visualisation, with ultrasound guidance to ensure the optimal effect with the highest safety profile.

Aspetar operating theatres use the most modern technology, enabling us to deliver the highest quality anaesthesia outcomes. We use leading-edge equipment for imaging, monitoring, and anaesthesia delivery care, including ventilation and continuous cerebral monitoring during surgery. In the rare event of something unexpected occurring, we are all trained, certified, and experienced in managing medical emergencies or concerns with maximal efficiency and minimal fuss.

Patients receive individualised, personalised care tailored to their individual situation, and the anaesthesia team works with each patient to choose a treatment plan that best fits their health needs.