Aspetar Sports Injury and Illness Prevention Programme

The Aspetar Sports Injury and Illness Prevention Programme (ASPREV), led by Professor Roald Bahr, was launched in November 2012. Based on the conjoined elements of research and implementation, ASPREV is designed to build on the existing strengths of Aspetar and the National Sports Medicine Programme (NSMP), to form collaborative relationships with individuals, institutions, and organisations, both locally and internationally.

ASPREV is a sustainable, long-term research programme on injury and illness prevention and data from it are used in numerous collaborative projects; exploring the relationship between general health, musculoskeletal conditions and the risk of future injury or illness.

This research data also provides a reference point for assessment and rehabilitation and ASPREV supports the assessment unit in its overall function, with renewed focus on return to sport and risk of re-injury. Projects also investigate the relationship between workload and injury in the Qatar Stars League players and in Aspire Academy athletes, in collaboration with the Academy’s Football Performance and Science Department and other Academy staff.


ASPREV serves to meet the following objectives:

  • Establish long term programmes on sport injury and illness prevention that support clinical practice
  • Conduct research on sports injury epidemiology, risk factors for injuries, and interventions to protect the health of the athlete
  • Form collaborative relationships with individuals, institutions, and organisations in and out of Qatar to improve athlete health and fitness
  • Set up knowledge translation mechanisms to support evidence-based practice and share scientific research with experts in the wider sports community


ASPREV experts work to implement injury and illness prevention strategies within the NSMP, setting up knowledge translation mechanisms to share scientific research results, and allowing each club and federation to develop risk management plans and compare their experience against benchmark data from Qatar Stars league and elsewhere.

The objectives and activities within ASPREV are closely aligned with Aspetar’s recognition as an International Olympic Committee (IOC) Research Centre for the Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health, and the research is developed within the framework and long-term strategy of both the IOC and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association.

In the treatment of injuries, Aspetar believes that prevention and preparation are essential; something which is reflected in our screening programme, education of athletes, and research. By integrating cutting-edge research with daily clinical practice, both in the hospital and on the playing field, and providing outstanding care to athletes at all levels as part of our on-going mission to ‘assist athletes to achieve their maximum performance and full potential,’ Aspetar offers a complete solution in the field of sports medicine.

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