Dr. Montassar Tabben


Dr. Montassar Tabben

Scientific researcher

Dr. Montassar Tabben is a former karate world champion medalist. Dr. Tabben has completed his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology at the University of Rouen, France (2014). He is the Flaubert-Foundation laureate, as he received the price of the best PhD thesis in 2016 (France). He has also been recognized as the best scientific expert of the year (2016) by the Tunisian Olympic Committee for his participation and achievement in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games as scientific expert and fitness coach. Since November 2016, he moved to Doha and is now part of the ASPREV department at Aspetar, as Scientific Researcher working in the field of ‘’injury and illness prevention’’. He is co-leading the Aspetar and the AFC Injury and Illness Surveillance Programmes in football. Currently, he is leading a qualitative study on injury prevention and implementation in QSL.



•    Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology (2014), University of Rouen, France. •    Qualified as lecturer by the French National University Council (2015), France


Career Achievements

•    Laureate of the best PhD thesis in 2016 Flaubert-Foundation price), France


Clubs & Organizations worked with

French Karate Federation Saint-Marcel Karate Club