Sports Groin Pain Centre

Sports Groin Pain Centre

Aspetar’s Sports Groin Pain Centre (SGPC) is an internationally recognised referral centre for the diagnosis and treatment of athletes with groin pain.

Groin pain is a complex medical problem, mostly affecting athletes in kicking sports, or sports with explosive movements involving twisting and turning. It can have different clinical presentations and can have significant impact on an athlete without timely diagnosis and treatment. The multifactorial nature and the various anatomical structures that contribute to groin pain have made the condition difficult to prevent and manage. Early detection and intervention are the keys to optimal management and prevention of chronic injury.

The cornerstone of the SGPC is clinical work and we provide:

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Evidence-based treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Surgery when necessary

Our experienced multidisciplinary team of surgeons, sport medicine physicians and physiotherapists, backed by imaging, podiatry and biomechanics lab, has been treating highest level international athletes since the early days. We are proud to have a number of medical professionals from different fields choosing Aspetar SGPC for educational visits, as a reference centre in expanding their knowledge in this field.


Aspetar hospital established SGPC in 2012, with the aim of standardizing assessment and treatment, with the focus on research in this field. Since then more than 40 peer review scientific papers were published by our team, and most notably Doha agreement on terminology and definitions in groin pain in athletes, after the First World Conference on Groin Pain in Athletes hosted by Aspetar in 2014. This paper aimed to overcome difficulties in comparing treatment results between different practitioners, published in scientific literature.

In the treatment of injuries, Aspetar believes that prevention and preparation are essential; something which is reflected in our screening programme, education of athletes, and research. By integrating cutting-edge research with daily clinical practice, both in the hospital and on the playing field, and providing outstanding care to athletes at all levels as part of our on-going mission to ‘assist athletes to achieve their maximum performance and full potential,’ Aspetar offers a complete solution in the field of sports medicine.