Champion’s Journey

CHAMPION’S JOURNEY by Prof Nebojsa Popovic MD, PhD

“Champion’s Journey” by Prof Nebojsa Popovic, MD, PhD, is a part of the Aspetar Sports Medicine Collection, published by the Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal.

Prof Popovic is currently serving as a Senior Medical Adviser in DG Office of Aspetar and the Editor-in-Chief of the Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal. His rich experience as a professional handball player and Olympic gold medallist, but also as an orthopaedic surgeon, was organised in 10 comprehensive chapters. “Champion’s Journey” provides insights into the world of top-level sports and sports medicine, making it a valuable resource for young sports medicine professionals, athletes, parents, coaches, and anyone with an interest in sports. In this insightful book you will find the answers to number of intriguing questions, including:

  • Are champions born or made, and what drives them to surpass their limits?
  • What are the risks and hazards associated with high-level competitive sports?
  • Can top-level athletes pursue education while excelling in their fields?
  • How can athletes prepare for life after their sporting careers?
  • What does the future of sports look like?

Click here to Download the “Champion’s Journey” PDF for free 

Download the “Champion’s Journey” PDF for free
Champion’s Journey

Humans have an innate love of stories and epic personal stories have remarkable impact. Who wasn’t affected by Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom? Andre Agassi tells his life story in ‘Open’—and that’s an all-time top autobiography. In Champion’s Journey, Professor Dr Nebojsa Popovic shares his remarkable life story: from his childhood in Banja Luka, Bosnia, to finding handball, his crowning sporting achievement as an Olympic champion, and his extraordinary life as a medical pioneer, citizen of the world, friend of Sheiks, and humanitarian.

Champion’s Journey is more than simply a retelling of a remarkable life lived in the service of others. Popovic distils the essence of sport and life: how they are intertwined, and how to harness sport for good. Popovic advocates for play as an essential part of childhood. He shares advice, honed by years of medical experience, on nurturing the talented child in sport, how to deal with pushy parents, and balancing the aspirations of elite sport with completing an education.

What makes a world-class doctor? Is there life after an elite sport career? What is the future of the Olympic Games? These topics, and more, are examined with Popovic’s trademark frank approach to the big issues in life and sport.

Professor Karim Khan MD, PhD, MBA

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CA

Former Editor-in-Chief of BJSM