Neymar to undergo surgery at Aspetar Hospital in Doha

09/03/2023 07:45 AM

Brazilian and Paris Saint-Germain football superstar Neymar da Silva Santos Junior will undergo surgery, at Aspetar, the world-renowned Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha, Qatar.

Aspetar's expert ankle surgeon, Pr Pieter D'Hooghe and renowned ankle surgeon Pr. James Calder from Fortius Clinic - London, will perform the surgery.

This is not the first time Neymar has visited Aspetar. In January 2019, he underwent a series of medical tests and assessments at the hospital as part of his rehabilitation following a metatarsal injury he sustained in February 2018.

Aspetar's Surgery department is renowned for its expertise in performing sports and arthroscopic surgical procedures using the most advanced techniques and equipment. Aspetar is trusted by top athletes from around the world, making it the ideal destination for Neymar's surgery.

In addition Aspetar is the official medical partner of Paris Saint-Germain.


About Aspetar:

Aspetar is a world-leading specialised orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital and the first of its kind in the Middle East. Since 2007, with a world expert team, the hospital has provided top-level comprehensive medical treatment to all athletes in a state-of-the-art facility that sets new standards internationally.

In 2009, Aspetar was accredited as a “FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence” by F-MARC. In 2013, Aspetar was adopted as a reference collaborator centre by the Gulf Countries Council (GCC) Health Ministers Council and “The IOC Research Centre for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health” in 2014.

In 2015, Aspetar has been recognised as the “IHF Reference Centre for Athlete and Referee Health”. In the same year, the hospital also achieved obtained-on December 15 the Accreditation Canada International (ACI) “Platinum Level”.

Aspetar is a member–organisation of Aspire Zone Foundation, Qatar’s innovative sports and healthy lifestyle destination.

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