Aspetar Leads the Way with Interactive Scientific Workshops on Best Medical Practices in Sports

03/03/2023 02:42 PM

7th AFC Medical Conference kicks off Saturday  

Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, the first of the FIFA and AFC Medical Centres of Excellence network, in partnership with the AFC and QFA, is set to host the highly anticipated 7th AFC Medical Conference from the 4th  to 6th  March 2023 at the Westin Hotel in Doha. This event is poised to bring together over 600 participants from across the globe, including world-renowned experts in the field of sports medicine and sports science.

The main conference, which commences on Saturday and runs through to Monday, will feature a diverse range of lectures, seminars, poster presentations, and medical workshops. It will serve as a platform to showcase the latest advances, challenges, and developments in sports science and medicine, and discuss how the game has evolved in terms of diversity and inclusion.

Participants can expect to delve into an array of topics such as rehabilitation after sport-related concussions, gender eligibility, nutrition and supplements, sudden heart attack, injury imaging, harassment and abuse of female footballers, and dental health. The conference is also poised to host the AFC Medical Awards, where team doctors and physiotherapists will be recognised for their contributions to the progress of football.

Before the main conference, Aspetar hosted workshops and interactive sessions, covering a variety of topics, such as guided ultrasound injections of muscles and bones, emergency medicine for football, sports physiotherapists, and anti-doping procedures. The preamble sessions of the 7th edition of the AFC Medical Conference Qatar 2022 kicked off on Thursday, focusing on a two-day musculoskeletal ultrasound-guided injection workshop to arm doctors with basic ultrasound knowledge.

Aspetar ensured that the workshops and sessions were informative and practical, with demonstrations, panel discussions, and practical sessions held in various locations across the city, such as Aspetar's auditorium, the hospital's Sports Surgery Training Centre, Aspire Academy, and Qatar Anti-Doping Lab. The football emergency medicine course included topics such as sudden cardiac arrest and injuries, while the sports physiotherapist addressed the needs of female footballers from the perspective of a sports physiotherapist.

The AFC Medical Conference is held every four years, with the first edition in 1995 in Tokyo, Japan. The event has since garnered an increasing response, with attendees steadily increasing, with support from FIFA, confederations, the Olympic Movement, and international sports and medical bodies.


About Aspetar:

Aspetar is a world-leading specialised orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital and the first of its kind in the Middle East. Since 2007, with a world expert team, the hospital has provided top-level comprehensive medical treatment to all athletes in a state-of-the-art facility that sets new standards internationally.

In 2009, Aspetar was accredited as a “FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence” by F-MARC. In 2013, Aspetar was adopted as a reference collaborator centre by the Gulf Countries Council (GCC) Health Ministers Council and “The IOC Research Centre for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health” in 2014.

In 2015, Aspetar has been recognised as the “IHF Reference Centre for Athlete and Referee Health”. In the same year, the hospital also achieved obtained-on December 15 the Accreditation Canada International (ACI) “Platinum Level”.

Aspetar is a member–organisation of Aspire Zone Foundation, Qatar’s innovative sports and healthy lifestyle destination.

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