Dr. Sofiane Souissi


Dr. Sofiane Souissi

Clinical and Sports Psychologist

Dr. Sofiane Souissi is a clinical and sports psychologist specializing in performance enhancement, personal development, mental health, and the psychological well-being of athletes. He has extensive experience in the mental and psychological care of athletes. For over 18 years, Dr. Sofiane has gained extensive experience as a mental training specialist for numerous sports teams. Before joining Aspetar in 2013, he was head of the psychology unit at the Tunisian National Centre for Sports Medicine and Science. He has written several articles on concussions, executive functions, sleep, and mental health. In addition to clinical and sports psychology, he is particularly interested in neuropsychology.



  • 2023: Doctorate in clinical psychology with first-class honors - University of Human and Social Sciences, Tunis, Tunisia 
  • 2008: Master of clinical psychology - University of Human and Social Sciences, Tunis, Tunisia 
  • 2003: Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) -  University of Human and Social Sciences, Tunis, Tunisia

Career Achievements

  • 2006-2013: Head of the Psychology Unit-National Center of Medicine and Sports Sciences, Tunisia
  • 2010-2013: Sports Psychologist & Mental Training Specialist -Tunisian Rowing Federation
  • Member of the Tunisian Psychological Society
  • Member of the Tunisian Scientific Research laboratory ''Optimizing Athletic Performance.''