Riadh Miladi


Riadh Miladi

Director of Rehabilitation Department, Executive Director of NSMP, and Director of the Football National Teams Medical Services Unit

Mr. Riadh Miladi graduated from University of Medicine, Tunis, Tunisia as a Physiotherapist in 1985. He holds a post graduate degree in Osteopathy from Rennes University in France, and he has over 35 years of experience in the field of sport and sports physiotherapy. Riadh has played volleyball at the highest level since a young age and has a strong knowledge of sporting culture and understanding of the athletes needs and expectations.

As an experienced Physiotherapist, he contributed to the establishment of the first sport medicine unit in Qatar in 1990 under the Qatar Athletic Federation and he was one of the pioneers in establishing the first National Sports Medicine Center in Qatar in 1993. Between the year 1993-2006 he held different positions under the Youth and Sports general authority where he was the Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department.

Due to his knowledge and understanding of sport and sport medicine in Qatar and around the world and with his long-term vision to develop sports medical services and rehabilitation in the state of Qatar, in 2002 he was appointed to be one of the 4 members of the steering committee to create, establish and develop a high-level sports medicine and orthopedic hospital, Aspetar

Since the opening of Aspetar, Riadh has held several crucial and vital positions in the hospital.  He is the director of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Department, where he is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the overall department vision and strategies and to oversee the overall Clinical and Operational Management of the Department.  Under his leadership the department has become a destination for international top-level athletes from around the world to receive treatment. The Rehab department has gained a strong international reputation of excellence and efficiency in managing the most complex sport injuries and in the quality of its research projects and the international publications that in many cases has contributed to changing or improving the existing practices worldwide. 

In addition to this, Riadh is the Executive Director of the National Sports Medicine Program (NSMP), where he has developed and implemented a satellite clinic-based concept in all Qatari clubs and federations, developed and implemented a unified model of service delivery.  Through intensive education and training programs delivered to staff from different backgrounds, experiences and practices, has succeeded in implementing a standardized clinical practice within the 36 satellite clinics managed by NSMP. These clinics are similarly equipped and provided with the best clinical staff to enhance the quality of sports medicine care to help Qatari athletes in reaching their full potential within the clubs, federations and Aspire Academy. Through this approach, NSMP succeeded in providing a holistic medical coverage for all sporting activities from competitions to camps to the daily trainings on the top of the day-to-day management of the health and performance of the athletes.

In 2018  Riadh was appointed a further position as Director of the Football National Teams Medical Services unit, with the task of developing, implementing and leading a special department within Aspetar responsible for providing the national football teams of Qatar with sport medicine services at the highest international standard and to assist the First national team perform at the highest level and achieve their objectives for the Asian Cup 2019, World Cup 2022 and beyond.

The above-mentioned departments under the leadership of Riadh has assisted Aspetar in its path toward recognition as a world leader in Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.