Holly Silvers-Granelli, PhD, PT


Holly Silvers-Granelli, PhD, PT


Holly Silvers-Granelli, PhD, PT, USA

Holly Silvers-Granelli is the owner of Velocity Physical Therapy, an outpatient sports medicine rehabilitation clinic in Santa Monica, California.  She is a current member of United States Soccer Federation’s Medical Team, the chair of Major League Soccer’s Medical Assessment Research Committee (M-MARC) and a consultant for the National Football League’s (NFL) Musculoskeletal ACL mitigation task force.   She is a spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association’s taskforce on ACL Prevention.  Ms. Silvers-Granelli is also a rehabilitation consultant for the USA Men’s National Team and for Major League Soccer’s Toronto FC, Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, Los Angeles FC and the Los Angeles Galaxy.  She is also serving a research advisory role to Major League Baseball for hamstring injury prevention efforts.

Holly Silvers-Granelli was the former director of research for the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation for over 15 -years and worked collectively with Bert Mandelbaum, MD.  The foundation is a FIFA Medical Center of Excellence and she assisted in procuring that status during her tenure. 

Research has been deeply focused on ACL injury mitigation in both males and females.  She has assisted in developing both the PEP ACL injury prevention program and the 11+ (FIFA 11+) program.  The team have analyzed how injury rate and team success (win/loss) is impacted by adherence to injury prevention methodologies. Also examined are what biomechanical changes ensue as a result of using and IPEP in order to further facilitate the improvement and evolution of injury prevention methodology and how these methods can be efficiently implemented in the clinic for primary and secondary prevention intervention methods.  Ms. Silvers-Granelli has also worked with the ICRS in developing return to sport criteria after articular cartilage surgical interventions. 

Sports events accomplishments include working with both the USA Men’s and Women’s National Teams over the past 20 years.  Work with Major League Baseball as a hamstring prevention consultant and current work with the NFL as an ACL mitigation consultant.  Ms. Silvers-Granelli is the research chair for Major League Soccer and frequently consults with teams and players across the league on difficult cases that are seeking outside counsel and evaluation. 

Ms. Silvers-Granelli states

“I am delighted to be a member of the Aspetar Scientific Advisory board.  I have had the distinct pleasure to speak at Aspetar over the past decade and am very much looking forward to our continued scientific collaborations during this very exciting time.”