Gubrael Taqtaq


Gubrael Taqtaq

NSMP Director of Operations

Gubrael Taqtaq graduated with a Pharmacy degree from Jordan in 2003, after which he moved to Ontario, Canada where he became a board-certified clinical pharmacist. Gubrael holds an MBA degree in International Healthcare Management from the University of Cumbria, UK, an advanced continuing education certificate in providing smoking cessation services, and is qualified to administer medications by injection.

Gubrael is a certified clinical pharmacist in Canada, Qatar, and Jordan, and is currently a member of the Alberta College of Pharmacists.

Gubrael spent 6 years as a staff pharmacist and 2 years as a pharmacy manager of a professional community pharmacy with Loblaw Limited, Alberta, Canada. He is devoted to active clinical pharmacy practice, can order, monitor, and interpret lab tests, and has the authority from the Alberta College of Pharmacists to adapt, extend, and modify prescriptions. During his time with Loblaw Limited Gubrael implemented and practised Medication Therapy Management.

Gubrael moved to Qatar and joined the National Sports Medicine Program (NSMP) with Aspetar in 2013. As Head of Pharmacy services, he implemented a comprehensive medication management system in the clinics of sports clubs and federations across Qatar and contributed to increasing awareness about WADA prohibited medications in sports. Currently, he is NSMP Director of Operations responsible for the overall operational management of the NSMP.  His role also includes the management of sporting events and the implementation of departmental controls, procedures, and systems in order to ensure services are provided in line with agreed quality parameters and best practice standards