Dr. Adam Weir


Dr. Adam Weir

Visiting Sports medicine physician

Dr Adam Weir is a British sports medicine physician who did his medical training at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England. He then moved to Holland where he completed his sports medicine speciality training (2007) and also his PhD (2011 – University of Utrecht) on the treatment of groin injuries in athletes. He moved to Doha at the start of 2013 to be the Deputy head of Aspetar Sports Groin Pain Centre. He was lead author on the Doha Agreement on terminology and Definitions in Groin Pain in Athletes. He is now a visiting sports medicine physician at Aspetar where he is co-director of the Sports Groin Pain Centre. In Holland he works as the medical coordinator of the Erasmus University Hospital Academic Centre for Groin Injuries in Rotterdam.

He is interested in the integration of education in sports medicine and has published articles in multiple sports medicine journals. He is Deputy Editor of the British Journal Of Sports Medicine. Dr Weir has special interests in groin injuries, muscle injuries, tendinopathy and medial tibial stress syndrome.



At the Sports Groin Pain Centre he helped organise the Annual SGPC conference in 2013 and together with the team, with guidance from Prof Holmich the 1st World Conference on Groin Pain in Athletes hosted in 2014, Doha, Qatar. He was co-guest editor of Groin Pain Targeted topic edition of Aspetar Sports Medical Journal together with Prof Holmich: ( Click here to read )