Qatar Stars League (QSL)

On 23rd September 2020 the Qatar Stars League (QSL) has signed a partnership agreement with Aspetar as their official medical partner for the provision of medical treatment and services to Qatar Stars League (QSL) participating teams throughout the period of the league and apply Aspetar expertise and initiatives in the field of sports medicine and exercise science that would benefit sports competitions.

Aspetar Provides World-Class Medical Services to Qatar Stars League Footballers

On & Off the pitch coverage.. Delivering high-quality sports medicine services to all Qatar stars league teams

Injury-Recovery Programmes Designed by Experienced Professionals

Through the agreement that was signed with the Qatar Stars League Foundation to become the competition's official medical partner, Aspetar provides medical services to players at Stars League clubs through the National Sports Medicine Program (NSMP), both on the pitch and off it. The hospital ensures they are able to recover from injury and return to action as quickly as possible.

Aspetar Specialist Assigned to Every Qatar Stars League Club

Aspetar through the NSMP has a specialised team of Sports Medicine Doctors, Physiotherapists, and Massage Therapists  at every Stars League club to monitor the status of their squad members continuously, recording their assessments and examinations through the EMR, including  other medical reports concerning the health and  condition of each player, regardless of whether they are injured or in perfect physical condition.

Resuming Professional Football during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Aspetar Protocol contributed to the resumption of sports activity in the State of Qatar, and its release included updated guidelines and pathways for a safe return to sports training and competition during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Aspetar, with the NSMP, performed over 50,000 PCR tests and administered over 4,000 vaccination doses to the football community in Qatar  

Pre-Season Assessments and Assessment for New Signers

Aspetar has also undertaken thorough pre-season medical assessments for all Qatar stars League teams.

During the latest transfer period Aspetar covered all the medical examinations of the new Qatar Stars League signings. These players all passed their medical checks with the assistance of Aspetar and will be under Aspetar’s medical guidance from now on.

Research Collaboration

Aspetar is dedicated to applied, ongoing, and original research developed within a framework and long-term strategy with Qatar Stars League. A surveillance programme has been established to collect injury and exposure data covering QSL athletes and is currently being expanded to also include monitoring sleep and wellness. Any injuries needing imaging or more extensive treatment, such as surgery or rehabilitation, are referred directly to Aspetar, again providing us with the opportunity to collect in-depth data on the pathology and outcomes of specific types of injuries. The programme also covers projects in international sports, including handball and volleyball.