Thermoregulation Interest Group

This Special Interest Group (SIG) represents a group of researchers specialised in exercise physiology with a strong interest in environmental physiology.

The mission of this SIG is to:

  1. Provide a database on scientific work on environmental physiology
  2. Promote discussion allowing new ideas to emerge by sharing competence between laboratories to solve specific problems
  3. Favour collaboration within the different partners

This SIG aims to:

  1. Provide scientific resources for researchers
  2. Provide guidelines for workers in warm countries
  3. Provide education resource for the general public
  4. Organise conferences (the different topics presented by the group are listed in the page Topics)

You can join this group by sending an e-mail to with ‘SIGTemperature Subscribe’ as the subject. This will automatically add your e-mail address to the distribution list for the discussion forum. E-mails forwarded to the distribution list can request help for any unsolved problems, respond to previous request, inform members of special events (e.g.. congress) or propose job opportunities (e.g.. lecturer; PhD grants; engineer RD).

If you wish to send an e-mail to the other members of the group, just send it to with ‘SIG Temperature Submit’ followed by your topic as the subject of the e-mail.

Please note all e-mails must be submitted in English and should observe the appropriate privacy protocols for the patient/subject. All e-mails will be received by a moderator before being forwarded.

All e-mails from the group will carry the prefix “SIG Temperature”. If you wish to unsubscribe please send an e-mail with the words “SIG Temperature Unsubscribe” in the subject line.