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NSMP Sports Science Services

Sports Science Services

Ensuring alignment with Aspetar’s mission of assisting athletes in reaching their full potential, NSMP is playing a major role in introducing the sports science department services within the clubs and federation of Qatar. NSMP is the focal point of contact with our stakeholders, and the facilitator of the integration of sports science services on the field.

This strategy encourages coaches to adopt performance plans for competitions and camps, as well as training, and to focus on the overall development of athletes within Aspetar, Aspire Academy and all clubs and federations in Qatar.

Excellence in Football

NSMP’s flagship Excellence in Football Programme is aimed at actualising and driving the long term development of footballers within Qatar.

The four to seven year plan objectives include creating and maintaining programmes for the Under 14s – Under 20s players that are in alignment with the development of physical, psychological, technical and tactical training aspects to their maturation.

Both equipment and human resource applied physiology and fitness coaching in football clubs create an integrated approach to the delivery of sports sciences, while overseeing individual players to analyse performance data that has an impact on both injury management and performance monitoring helps develop a platform for footballers of all ages.

Excellence in Football focuses on an evidence based physical training system that aligns physical training with players’ maturity through the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTADM) in Qatar.

Translating scientific knowledge into better training practise encourages a normal practice session to turn towards achieving consistently evolving higher performance, while applied physiology in clubs allows consistency in physical testing, heart rate and training load supervision to provide data to facilitate sports psychology, and nutrition to gain increased prominence.

The standardisation of methods and techniques was developed to ensure alignment through all staff of testing and data management, including studies conducted to verify the reliability of tools used in these approaches.  Excellence in Football also relies on establishing strong, continuing relationships with key stakeholders to guarantee a coordinated approach to the development of footballers in Qatar.