Sports Medicine and Injury Research Center


The Sports Medicine & Injury Research Center brings together a team of recognised world’s leading researchers in the field of sports medicine and injury research.

The aim of the Sports Medicine & Injury Research Center is to produce clinically relevant research that focuses on the etiology, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of sports injuries; thereby assisting athletes in their endeavor to reach their full potential.

The key element of the center is the multidisciplinary approach with involvement of the departments of Sports Medicine, Surgery, Rehabilitation and Radiology. There is a strong collaboration with Aspetar’s Programs (link) and Centers of Excellence.

A key component of the Centre is to study musculotendinous injuries. A high-level randomised controlled trial in hamstring injuries is near completion. This study will provide the required clinical evidence about the efficacy of the popular and promising PRP therapy for muscle injuries. New PhD projects are focussing on the aetiology, diagnosis and novel therapies for hamstring injuries.

Since six years, The Qatar Stars League injury study is prospectively recording injuries and illnesses in the first division of football. This study will provide data on injury incidence and patterns in professional football in Qatar and may eventually guide specific prevention programs.

Another key study evaluates the risk factors for hamstring injuries in soccer. This study should provide new insights into hamstring injury prevention programmes and is being performed together with the Aspetar’s Sports Injury and Illness Prevention program (ASPREV).

Within the rehabilitation department a number of research programmes are underway which are examining the outcomes of Aspetar’s treatment, as well as investigating innovative variations in these strategies, and how they compare. Research and clinical practice are being blended apace with a number of staff formally pursuing PhD degrees, and others working in concert taking their ideas to publication.