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Dr.Sébastien Racinais

Dr.Sébastien Racinais

Research Scientist & Head of research

Sébastien Racinais obtained his PhD in 2004 for his work on human circadian rhythms in tropical environments. He lectured at the French West Indies University (FWI) and the University of Montpellier (France) before joining Aspetar in 2007. Following research on the neural responses to fatigue and hyperthermia, he developed a research programme on the chronic adaptations to hot ambient conditions and their repercussions on sport performance for elite athletes. He runs the European Network in Sports Sciences (ENSS) in environmental physiology. Sébastien has been working with several professional and national teams in developing environmental training. He is also collaborating with various international sports federations on consensuses on exercising in hot ambient conditions. Dr Racinais research is currently developing heat therapy for muscle rehabilitation.



  • PhD in Exercise Physiology (2004, French West Indies)
  • Lecturer accreditation (2005, French National University Council)
  • Research director accreditation (2012, University of Montpellier)

Career Achievements

  • >100 peer-reviewed publications
  • Fellow of the European College of Sports Science, Chairman of the European Network of Sports Science in environmental physiology
  • Consultant for industries, press and sporting federations on environmental physiology  


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