Dr. Rachid Bouras

Dr. Rachid Bouras

Director of the National Sports Medicine Programme

Dr. Rachid Bouras is currently the Director of the National Sports Medicine Programme (NSMP) at Aspetar.

He was successively Medical Director and Doctor’s Manager for the NSMP, and was also previously the Doctor for Olympic Federations in Qatar (Basketball, Football, Tennis and Equestrian).

Previously he was appointed in Algeria as Chief of the Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries Department of the National Sport Medicine Center (CNMS), and in France as Consultant in the Rehabilitation and Doctor Coordinator at the Regional House for Special Needs.

Dr Bouras was a former elite handball player with Algeria from 1964-74, and winner of multiple First League Championships in Algeria and France.

Career Achievements

Dr. Bouras was the Chief Medical Officer for Qatar, Algeria and Oman for international events including the Olympic Games (London 2012, Seoul 1988, Los Angeles 1984), Asian Games (Doha 2006, Bangkok 1998, Hiroshima 1994), Francophonie Games, First Olympic Youth Games, Asian Beach Games, Mediterranean Games (Morocco, Syria, Tunisia), Arabian Games, Football Asian Cups, African Cup and Championships.                                                                      


  • 1992: PHD in Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries, Algeria
  • 1982: Consultant in Rehabilitation, Algeria
  • 1979 - 1980: Specialist Instructor in Rehabilitation for Algerian Army
  • 1978: Graduate Specialist in Rehabilitation, France
  • 1974: Graduate Medicine Doctor, Algeria
  • Member of the French Rehabilitation Society and French Association of Sports Injuries
  • Member of the Algerian Group of Sports Medicine and Traumatology
  • Sports Injuries Management Training  in France

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