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Patient Guide

Aspetar’s Patient Information Guide

Aspetar is proud to be known as one of the best orthopedic hospitals in the world, and our ranges of services for athletes are second to none. Part of our mission, is to assist athletes in achieving their full potential which means following evidence-based standards and making the care and safety of our patients a priority.

Our team of expert health care accredited professionals to ensure your stay is as painless and comfortable as possible.  We have therefore created the Patient and Visitors Guides to support that goal.

The Patient and Visitors Guides are designed to answer any questions or concerns that patients, family members or visitors might have, both before and during a stay at Aspetar, and to enable us to ensure you receive the highest quality of care whilst you are with us.

At Aspetar our guests have the right to expect the highest quality treatment that remains confidential in nature, and that will always be respectful, courteous and compassionate, offering care in a safe and secure environment regardless of age, gender, race, national origin, religion or disability.

Aspetar uses a charter for our guest’s rights and responsibilities, and it is displayed in the patient areas. Should you wish to view the full charter, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff, who will ensure a copy, is made available to you.

If, for any reason, you feel that your treatment did not meet with these rights and the high standard of care we set ourselves, we encourage you to speak with a member of staff so that we can resolve any issues you may have.

To ensure you are seen by the correct specialist in a timely manner, an appointment system is in place at Aspetar.

If this is your first appointment with Aspetar, please ensure you bring all the relevant documentation you may need, as well as your referral documentation, where relevant.

Should a new outpatient appointment or follow up appointment be required, you will be contacted by either the registration desk team or a departmental booking clerk from the outpatient clinic you are attending. To follow up on your appointment, please contact the registration / new outpatient appointments department on 4413 2000. If you need to change or cancel an existing your appointment, please contact us on 4413 2000 to do so.

Patients will NOT be seen as outpatients without an appointment. 

It is extremely important that you bring all your relevant documentation with you when arriving at Aspetar, as this will assist in making your check in as smooth and effortless as possible.

If you have been given instructions to follow prior to admission, please ensure that you adhere to these closely as they will also assist in minimizing the transition time from check in to being comfortably settled in your new room.

Important documents to bring include:

  • ​Your admission card
  • Passport / ID copies 
  • Any relevant insurance documentation
  • A copy of your marriage certificate (only if you are requesting access for a sitter) 
  • Any medical reports that may impact or be relevant regarding your proposed surgery, i.e. cardiac reports etc.

We look forward to welcoming you to stay with us as Aspetar, and would ask that you arrive for your admission no later than 8pm so we can get you settled into your room.

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, we encourage you to bring the following:

  • Your preferred toiletries. Please also remember to pack any specific personal items you may require, such as medicated toiletries or your contact lenses solution and container.
  • Comfortable clothing, such as loose sporting tracksuit bottoms or shorts, that still offers a level of support.
  • Any current medications, inhalers or creams. If you are diabetic, it is imperative that you inform your staff, and bring your insulin and / or the preventative medication you are on to control it.
  • Comfortable, flat, non-slip shoes those are easy to remove, such as sports trainers.
  • Any technical equipment you may need, such as phone, tablet or laptop chargers.

Should they be deemed to be a health and safety risk, Aspetar reserve the right to have these items removed. They can be returned to you on your departure, or alternatively can be given to your family, friends or other guests to take home.

While we recommend valuables are not brought to Aspetar during your stay, we do provide a safety box in each room, and would advise our patients to make use of them should it be necessary.

As our patient, your privacy and peace of mind are imperative to us, and we ensure that your medical records remain completely confidential to anyone outside of your personal professional healthcare team.

Should you need a wheelchair during your stay, please request one from the Registration Desk in the lobby area of the main building.

At Aspetar we aim to give you the highest service of comfort, and part of this service includes enabling a guest, namely an immediate relative, to stay with you overnight. Should you like to avail of this service, please inform your nurse beforehand as we have a strict policy in place, and your sitter will be asked to sign a form of understanding prior to their stay.

We ask that your sitter understands and respects our policy, and will be happy to discuss any additional information that they may require before their stay. Please be aware that if you are requesting a member of another gender to stay, you will be asked to provide a proof of marriage certificate. In addition, children under 18 years of age, and those who are of ill health or not fully mobile, will not be allowed to stay. We also ask that sitters are fully prepared to be awake and dressed by 7 am so we can commence your daily care.

Your health and safety is of paramount importance to us, as it is to you, and to facilitate your best possible recovery in a timely manner, it is paramount that you recognize your responsibilities as a patient.

We kindly request your coherence to the following health and safety guidelines:

  • Be deeply involved in your treatment and care.
  • If you are unsure of any aspect of your care, please always ask questions so we can ensure you know what you need to.
  • Any queries on topics such as procedures, treatments and equipment should be asked immediately. We need to know that you are familiar with your treatments, and are comfortable with the way the care you are receiving is progressing.
  • Always share relevant, accurate and up to date information about your health and medical background with us, as this enables us to ensure your specific care is appropriate for you.
  • Be respectful of other patients, and especially of their needs, treatments and privacy.
  • Aspetar staff are there to look after you – please show them the respect they deserve in doing their best to help you.
  • Our equipment is top of the range and helps facilitates your recovery, so please be respectful when making use of it.
  • Please call the Pre-Admission Clinic before your admission should you develop a cold or flu like symptoms, have vomiting or diarrhea, or have recently been in contact with any person carrying an infectious disease, such as chickenpox or measles. Your admission may have to be delayed until your symptoms, or the risks involved due to them, subside.

For health and safety reasons, and to keep infection rates to an absolute minimum, Aspetar do not allow the following items to be brought into the hospital:

  • Food (unless otherwise directed by a physician or dietician).
  • An excessive amount of flowers arrangements, including standing arrangements.
  • Organic materials, including carpets, mats, and live plants.
  • Bed linen, such as duvets, sheets, pillows and blankets.
  • Any kind of animal (even small pets).
  • Anything made of glass or hazardous and / or flammable materials.

Should you wish to view the full Aspetar policies and procedures on health and safety, please do not hesitate to ask your nurse, who will ensure a copy is made available to you.

Fasting is an important step in your surgical treatment, and means no food or drink, including water, should be consumed. In addition, do not chew gum or, if you are a smoker, do not smoke. You are permitted to eat and drink up to six hours before your surgery, so should therefore start fasting around midnight.

Surgeries at Aspetar are normally scheduled for the morning, and you will be given an estimated time of surgery on your admission to Aspetar. Several surgeries can be scheduled in one day, so please bear in mind that some procedures can last longer than expected. If this should happen, we ask for, and appreciate, your patience and understanding.

We want to assist our patients in the best possible way, and the key to this is communication. Should you need the assistance of an interpreter during your stay at Aspetar, we can support you by providing access to speakers of a multitude of languages, in addition to English. Similarly, if you need a sign language interpreter or other resources, please do let our staff know and we will be delighted to help you.

Qatar Law prohibits smoking in all public areas, and Aspetar upholds this by operating on a strictly no smoking policy. Any person(s) smoking within hospital grounds, including hospital rooms, bathrooms, balconies, and guest or public areas. Any violation of this policy may result in a fine upheld under Qatari Law.

Mobile / cell phones can be used throughout the hospital, and service is available in the majority of areas. In addition, and for your convenience, a bedside phone is located in every guest room in Aspetar, allowing callers to contact your room directly. Your nurse or care provider will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make use of this service.

Aspetar has an ATM service available for all guests and visitors. The ATM is easily located in the lobby of the main building to the right of the registration desks.

The Juice Bar

Aspetar’s Juice Bar Bar offers a wide variety of meals, snacks and drinks, and is located on the ground floor of the main building to the right of the registration desk. It is open daily from 7.30am through to 7:30pm.

In Patient Dining

Additional dining options available within Aspetar include In Patient Dining, which is available for breakfast from 8am to 9am; lunch from 12pm to 1pm, and dinner from 7pm to 8pm. Optional snacks are also available at 11am, 4pm and 9pm. Aspetar’s In Patient Dining menu is approved by our culinary dietitian.

The Aqua Lounge

The Aqua Lounge is located in the immediate right of the registration desk on the ground floor and offers an a la carte menu from 7:30am to 7:30pm.

The Mosaico Restaurant

Located to the immediate right of the registration desk on the ground floor, the Mosaico Restaurant offers a breakfast buffet from 7am to 8am, and a lunch buffet from 12noon to 2pm.

Aspetar offers free wireless Internet access to all patients and visitors, enabling you access through your own smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Should you lose or misplace any personal items during your visit to Aspetar, please visit our Registration team in the lobby, or call them on extension 2640. To limit the possibility of this occurring, please consider leaving any items of a valuable or personal nature at home.

Aspetar’s main Mosque is located on the second floor of the main building.

Free cable television is offered in patient rooms.

We aim to make Aspetar your home away from home and give you the utmost care and attention during your visit. Your constructive comments can help us make your stay even better, so we will always welcome and encourage your feedback. Any member of our staff will be happy to provide you with an Aspetar suggestion form, which you can complete at any time during your stay. Should you need to speak with someone regarding any issues that may arise, please feel free to speak with the Nurse Supervisor or Ward Manager from 3pm –7am daily.

In order to create clarity of roles for patients and families as well as enhancing and standardizing how we look, we have implemented a color-coded uniform policy at Aspetar

The color-coded uniforms help make clear who does what in our clinical areas. A safe and satisfying patient experience depends on clear communication with staff, and patients and their families need to be able to easily identify staff members and their roles.

Any questions or clarification required regarding your departure, hospital bill or any other relevant matters should be directed to the Registration Desk in the lobby area of the main building before your check out.

Even though your stay with us has ended, checking out is an important step in your Aspetar experience.

We would kindly request that you vacate your room and finalise your departure in a timely manner during daylight hours (do you have a checkout time?). Before you leave, please ensure that you are absolutely clear on any instructions given to you from our medical staff, particularly with regard to any ongoing medication.

Should you need a medical certificate for work or any other entity, such as a school or college, you must ask the nurse as soon as possible, preferably on your arrival or the evening before your departure, as it requires a doctor’s signature.

We would suggest that you arrange for a friend or relative to collect you and accompany you home, or ask yournurse to organize a taxi for you. You should not drive yourself home.

Operator 0
Nurse Station 2101 / 2102 / 2103 / 2104
Female Physiotherapy 2300 / 2330
Room Service  2588 / 2589
Athletes Relations Manager 2591 / 2590 / 2533
Lobby Reception 2611
Male Physiotherapy 2666
Aqua Lounge 2622
Patients Liaison Officer 2689
Valet / Lobby Security Desk 2640
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