Namat for a Healthy Life

Namat is a national and regional public health education platform developed by the Exercise Is Medicine (EIM) Department at Aspetar. It is designed to focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and creating public awareness in Arabic communities about diseases related to a sedentary and unhealthy standard of living, including lack of exercise and nutrition, and how they can be prevented.

Namat both provides new, and enhances existing knowledge about best practice guidelines for physical activity and healthy eating, contributing to a sustained change in positive lifestyle behaviours in Qatar and other Arabic societies.

Namat’s objectives are:

  • To provide free educational and learning material resources for the public.
  • To provide a web-based knowledge resource for professionals in health, education, sport and research to share information about physical activity, nutrition and health.
  • To utilise social networking to engage the local society about a range of healthy lifestyle topics, health initiatives and events

The health magazine - ‘Namat for a Healthy Life’

Namat magazine is published quarterly by the Exercise is Medicine (EIM) Department of Aspetar, a member of the Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF). Namat, meaning ‘Lifestyle’, is a magazine and a website, both of which intend to provide rich content on health, scientific guidance, physical activity, nutrition and healthy lifestyles. It also encourages members of the community in the State of Qatar to adopt healthy practices by providing an educational source that aims at health promotion. In February 2015 the Namat website won 1st place in Riyadh, KSA at the Gulf Excellence Award for Media for the best health web platform.

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