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Sports Dentistry

The Sports Dentistry Department is committed to the overall healthcare of athletes by providing them with the best dental care available, thereby supporting them in achieving their full potential through dental education, prevention and treatment.

Oral surgery is an important component to sports-related injuries for athletes, with the most common area of dental trauma being the upper front teeth. With our internationally renowned oral surgery consultant, we are able to provide sound clinical advice and comprehensive treatment for every patient.

Prevention is critical within the field of Sports Dentistry. Mouthguards protect against sports-related oral injuries and trauma by protecting teeth, gums, and lips, and should always be worn to protect teeth during sporting activities. Aspetar’s in-house dental lab allows us to fabricate the highest quality customised mouthguard and night guards. Prepared using a specific material customised for sports use, the guards are specifically designed for each individual.

Promoting good oral health and, essentially, an athlete’s overall health, Aspetar’s Sports Dentistry Department advocates both the highest level of quality treatments and the best education to ensure patients are receiving the specialized care they need.

One way this is achieved is through Prosthodontic treatment, such as full-ceramic fillings, crowns, bridges, and veneers. Restorations are inserted using a material that is able to match a patient’s natural tooth enamel, allowing the dentist to save as much healthy tooth as possible whilst providing a dental filling that not only strengthens the tooth, but looks and feels natural to the patient.

Endodontic treatment is provided to treat teeth in which decay has reached the pulp (nerve) and restorative treatment is no longer an option; i.e. periapical lesions or non-vital tooth due to trauma. The pulp is cleaned (obturated) and filled with a special material to prevent further complications. The majority of endodontic treatment is followed by Prosthodontic treatment as the structure of the tooth has become weakened.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our goal is to enhance patient experience using the most advanced procedures and equipment available, thereby ensuring every patient has a healthy mouth.

Aspetar’s Sports Dentistry Department is fully equipped with a digital panoramic, which is a full mouth external x-ray to view both teeth, bones, and the jaw; and a cephalometric x-ray unit, an external x-ray which gives a profile or side-view of the face, and is designed to take full mouth x-rays in less than 12 seconds. Used for athlete screenings and treatment, the state of the art digital x-ray equipment provides both intra-oral and extra-oral radiographs, giving our world-class dentists the opportunity to determine any possible further complications that can’t be seen through an oral examination.

In addition to this, Aspetar also provides the latest technology in a whitening procedure that is proven to be fast, effective and long lasting.

Pit and fissure sealant services are also provided to aid in the prevention of dental decay by sealing the grooves in the premolars and molars, which are prone to bacteria, to assist in the prevention of disease.

Sports Dentistry offers a wide variety of dental services, including dental screening. Dental screening is the process in which an athlete’s oral health is evaluated through a thorough soft and hard tissue examination; including dental radiographs. This procedure can assist in identifying any asymptomatic dental problems, to follow-up on any treatment an athlete may be undergoing, or simply to ensure the athlete’s oral status is on a satisfactory level prior to attending his/her next training and/or match.

Aspetar is committed to promoting education in sports dentistry with prevention methods, and is the first institution to provide on-going oral health education through numerous hands-on demonstrations, lectures, internal programmes and symposiums. These include;

  • Aspire Academy Programme - created to provide oral health education to Aspire Academy students – since 2013
  • Mouthguard workshop provided by world renowned dentist, for the sports dentistry staff, in April 2014
  • Creation of the first known dental emergency kit in the Middle East – training provided to all Club and Federation doctors within Aspetar in early 2015
  • Oral Health Day Symposium - held for the first time in April 2015 and had visitors and speakers from across Qatar sharing their knowledge and expertise
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Injuries in Boxing Symposium held in October 2015 during the World Boxing Championship in Qatar – visitors and speakers from across the globe (USA, Australia, U.K..)
  • Management of Oral Injuries in Sports Symposium in October 2016 – visitors and world renowned speakers from USA, Spain, France, Kuwait
  • Dental emergency kit workshop held in May 2017 – internal
  • The Role of Oral Health in Sports Symposium – upcoming October 2017

Dental emergencies can vary from pain, swelling, to a knocked out tooth.

The kit contains various materials and instruments to aid in the immediate relief of pain, as well as a temporary solution should there involve a dental injury. Each NSMP doctor in Aspetar has been given the opportunity to learn about how to manage different types of oral injuries on the field and how to perform temporary treatment with the use of the dental emergency kit.


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