Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates
For Aspetar clinical guidelines for safe return to sport during the COVID-19 pandemic, please Click Here

Male & Female Rehabilitation

Whether you are an international elite athlete or just a weekend walker, our patients are our priority and every visitor will discover a diverse, multinational staff who are reassuring, knowledgeable, and committed to providing the most up to date rehabilitation services. In addition to the best available preventative and post care evidence in the world of rehabilitation, Aspetar also offers a unique specialisation programme for knee and shoulder injuries, amongst others. 

At the disposal of our highly motivated and expert staff is a department equipped with an exceptional array of state-of-the-art equipment, as well as a large sports hall that allows any athlete to test the progress of their recovery in front of their rehabilitation professional. Aspetar’s highly qualified staff follow an evidence-based approach to address the problems that are most important to the patient, and care is taken to establish an accurate diagnosis and to develop a treatment programme based on each individual diagnosis.

Treatment for every visitor to Aspetar’s Rehabilitation Department is functionally oriented, utilising recovery techniques and exercises that mimic or address the patient’s unique problems, thereby leading to an optimal recovery. Communication is extremely important with both other health care professionals and our patients. All patients will realise that they are an active member of their own treatment team, and must remain committed to following the advice of their rehabilitation specialist whose goal it is to ensure their recovery is expertly handled in a timely manner.