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Orthopaedic Surgery

The Qatari community, and the large number of visiting surgeons and international athletes seeking healthcare in Aspetar.

The Surgical Department’s main mission is to continuously provide world class surgical care to all athletes, whilst also steadily increasing our scope of services to deliver high level, knowledge based care to the local, regional and international athletic community, as well as to private patients.

Patients of Aspetar receive consultations, surgeries and treatments given by knowledgeable and influential surgeons from within our team of experienced world-class orthopaedic surgery experts.

Specialists in both arthroscopic and open surgical techniques, all members of our surgical team are highly qualified to treat all forms of musculoskeletal injuries sustained by athletes.

The Surgical Department boasts state of the art, life altering facilities and equipment.

Our equipment is ranked as some of the best in the world, and is constantly being upgraded to ensure our facilities maintain the highest calibre of sporting mechanisms as soon as they are available to the market.

Aspetar’s facilities provide both patients and visiting surgeons with critical information and up to date knowledge by supporting evidence based practice.

Accurate diagnosis and treatments are developed and implemented utilising exercises and techniques that mimic or address the functional problems of the patient, leading to an optimal recovery in every patient.

In addition, the Surgery Department produces a number of publications sharing the accumulated knowledge and skills portrayed by our surgical team. As our knowledge, facilities, and patient number increase, as does our output of workshops, seminars and publications, including articles, research papers and books provided by renowned publishers.

Our surgeons remain at the top of their game and keep up to date with best practice within their field by both becoming and remaining involved in international orthopaedic and sports medicine societies, such as ISAKOS, ESSKA and the ACL Study Group.

Aspetar's Sports Surgery Training Centre (SSTC) heralds the best education in surgical training by encouraging local and global surgeons to improve their surgical performance, and ensures our patient’s care levels are beyond those offered elsewhere.

Remaining at the top of our field reassures our patients and proves yet again that we reflect perfection and best practice through multiple platforms, such as clinical applications, training on fresh cadaveric specimens, and surgical diagnostics findings.

Working as a cohesive team allows Aspetar to dedicate time and effort to both our patients and to the members of the international surgical community, thereby promoting Aspetar’s stellar reputation as a world class facility not just locally, but globally.


Anaesthesia ( Best practice in the fields of Anaesthesia )

Aspetar has a highly experienced team of anaesthetic consultants, all of whom have many years of professional expertise from around the world.

We ensure our patients understand the choice between regional or general anaesthesia, and allow them to choose according to their wishes and surgical preference. Anaesthetic care is based on the highest level of evidence-based medicine.

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