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Sports Podiatry

Sports Podiatry specialises in the diagnosis, management and prevention of foot and lower limb injuries and disorders. These conditions range from arch pain, heel pain and shin splints through to anterior knee pain and lower back pain.

Aspetar’s experienced podiatrists use cutting edge tools, such as high-speed video, in-shoe plantar pressure and electromyo graphic analysis, to provide an in-depth understanding of the biomechanical factors contributing to any specific injury.

Podiatric treatments focus on improving the function of the lower limb and reducing an excessive load on injured areas through stretching, strengthening, footwear advice, training advice and the use of foot orthoses. Aspetar has a full digital orthotic laboratory where the Podiatrists are able to design and manufacture fully individualised custom foot orthoses that may be then fitted to an Athlete’s footwear.

Aspetar’s podiatrists have extensive experience working with athletes ranging from people simply wanting be active, all the way through to Olympic and World Champions across a wide range of sports.

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