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Sports Cartilage Centre

One of the most challenging sporting injuries for an elite athlete, a cartilage lesion can potentially compromise, or even end, a career. While the treatment and best practice for this condition is highly debated, the Sports Cartilage Centre aims to effectively implement cutting edge technologies and systematic treatments of cartilage injuries for athletes, thereby improving their cartilage healing process and performance.

Already an internationally known leader in sports medicine, Aspetar, through the Sports Cartilage Centre, is now also becoming known as a leader in the management of cartilage pathology in athletes. With the aim of providing a dedicated spectrum of care throughout the Gulf region, Aspetar’s goal is to define and implement an algorithm for diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of cartilage lesions for athletes.


A center of excellence in cartilage repair offers: 

•   Prevention guidelines of cartilage injuries and osteoarthritis

•  A wide variety of up to date cartilage repair methods

•  A high quality postoperative cartilage related rehabilitation

•  Teaching in cartilage treatments and surgical skills courses


By collaborating with specialists and partnering with recognised cartilage centres and laboratories, Aspetar are developing a strong network of international leaders in cartilage management, allowing the facilitation of forward thinking methods and technologies for cartilage treatment.

Aspetar is continuously working to offer the highest international standards obtainable in its treatment of cartilage injuries, combining the best-practices with the latest technology. With a strong team of local doctors and staff in collaboration with an international team of target and key surgeons, scientists, sport medicine doctors and rehab specialists, Aspetar is able to bring new technologies into clinical use, thereby providing new approaches to the care of patients with cartilage injuries.

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