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Sports Groin Pain Centre

Our goal is to establish best practice assessment, diagnosis and treatment of this serious condition, which can have extreme consequences for affected athletes.

The fundamental pillars of the Sports Groin Pain Centre are clinical, educational and research. The cornerstone of clinical work is patient examination, providing diagnosis, high quality clinical care and assessment advice, including recovery times. Establishing a multidisciplinary groin clinic and supported by state-of-the-art medical equipment, SGPC can assist in educating accompanying physicians in best practice on the route to recovery for their patients.

Studies within SGPC also include exploring the risk factors of this type of injury, including pelvic and core muscle strength, and hip flexibility and bony morphology, especially in football players, and specifically in players from the Qatar Stars League (QSL). Existing knowledge and continued intensive analysis ensures Aspetar will excel in offering quality treatment and innovative clinical research to better understand the injury patterns associated with this medical problem.

Aspetar’s Sports Groin Pain Centre recently held the First World Conference on Groin Pain in Athletes in November 2014, and will continue to work towards understanding groin pain by holding the event tri-annually, sharing that knowledge with interested physicians, surgeons and physiotherapists. In addition to SGPC’s role in contributing to scientific knowledge through research, we also have an educational role in organising visits to the SGPC, and through active participation at international summits.

Looking forward, and working in conjunction with Aspetar’s Sports Injury and Illness Prevention Programme (ASPREV), the Sports Groin Pain Centre will be able to offer new insights into the problem of groin pain and its associated injuries.

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