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After the last few important Targeted Topic issues: Hamstring Injuries, The Athletes' Knee and Football(R)Evolution, we are once again returning to our classic, multidisciplinary approach to sports medicine.


It comes whilst many of you are enjoying your Summer holidays. For this reason, we have selected papers from surfing, cricket and swimming (amongst other topics) which I hope you will enjoy reading. Over the eight years of our existence, we have had a very positive response from our readers to our interview series of professional athletes and their expectations from the medical team. Good communication remains a key quality to continue to focus on. In this issue we interview Paris Saint-Germain's football star Angel Di Maria who shares with us his outstanding experience from playing in Argentina, Real Madrid, Manchester United and PSG.


Our collaborators around the world continue to send us interesting letters and share their experiences. In this issue, I would like to highlight two letters that we are publishing. They come from two different parts of the World. The first one is comes from New Zealand where the Kiwi experience of being a sports medicine registrar is shared. The second comes from England and focuses on the relationship between a football manager and the medical team.


As a former Olympian, I would like us to remember that above all else, sport must be fair and available to all persons equally.


Nebojsa Popovic MD PhD


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