Hours 40 per week

Role Purpose

To conduct and provide nutritional consultations / workshops / talks and develop educational resources that may assist in the education of students, their parents, teachers and school administrators. To integrate the nutritional education of community and children when needed.


Key Activities

  • Demonstrate current and competent knowledge, skills and abilities to provide and conduct nutritional consultation and advice to the clients.
  • Design the nutritional intervention plan for the client and flow them up.
  • Collaborate with community and children program in integrating the nutritional interventions to respond to the needs of different Healthy Lifestyle programmes.
  • Select and recruit the appropriate target population according to the study’s subject description.
  • Conduct the nutritional researches in HLP.
  • Represent the HLP (and Aspetar) at international conferences to present peer-reviewed research.  Speak on behalf of the HLP at other relevant public relations events (i.e. television, radio, trade shows etc).
  • Assume any other responsibilities as directed by the direct supervisor. 

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