Scientific Researcher

Hours 40 per week

Role Purpose

To conduct laboratory and clinical research that utilise Aspetar’s infrastructure to contribute to the sport and exercise knowledge base. Serves the Hospital’s aim of assisting athletes to achieve their maximal potential through improved performance and injury prevention.


Key Activities

  • Develop, conduct and submit research studies for peer reviewed publication.
  • Responsible for regular equipment calibration in accordance to manufacturer recommendations, plus first-line maintenance of equipment.
  • Support and improve the clinical and operational workflows of the entire sports science and medicine process, including athlete’s assessments, training methods, intervention and evaluation of training outcome.
  • Assume any other responsibilities as directed by the Director of exercise and sports science within the scope of research scientist.
  • athletes to enhance the athlete’s sporting performance through applied sports science in their area of expertise.
  •  Provide applied sports science laboratory and field-type test that are either general or sport-specific for recreational to competitive athletes. Interpret and report test results, counsel and advise athletes on sport-related issues including training methods to enhance their performance.
  •  Advise individual athletes within their area of expertise, track their progress, and adjust their programmes when necessary.
  • Ensure that the athlete’s program is carried out in accordance with the athletes’ total care plan with the highest professional and service standards.
  •  Provide guidance and direct input to the development plans and performance management of direct reports to meet the AZF objectives.
  • Develop professional skills and knowledge, in line with existing and new services, through continuing education and training programmes.
  • Participate in professional development programmes including talks, workshops, seminars, educational and research projects.
  •  Serve as a resource person for specialised skills in their area of expertise, providing support, consultation and counselling to all levels of staff.
  • Assume any other responsibilities as directed by the direct supervisor.
  • Attend and successfully complete competencies which focus on patient safety initiatives implemented within Aspetar Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital. Patient Safety Training is an annual requirement, to include all organizational leaders, staff, service and contracted providers.

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