Sports Medicine Physician

Hours 40


Role Purpose

To be involved in both the reactive and pro-active care of athletes and non-athletes through the Aspetar Outpatients Clinic, Screening Department, and involvement with the National Sports Medicine Programme (NSMP).  In addition shall be in charge for assisting the overall development of Sports Medicine services in the State of Qatar.


Key Activities

  • Provide primary care to patients assigned in adherence with Aspetar’s approved clinical practice guidelines.
  • Perform a diagnostic evaluation, developing treatment plans, and insuring comprehensive follow-up. 
  • Work as a core member of the patient-care team to assess and interpret the patient’s strengths and/or barriers towards recovery / optimal performance. 
  • Develop a care plan, in consultation with other sports science and rehabilitative professionals to assist the patient in recovery / attainment of optimal performance.
  • Provide clinical support and leadership for Aspetar’s sports medicine services and professional development.
  • Work with the Chief of Sports Medicine to formulate and establish the clinical care pathways for the sports medicine department.
  • Work with the coordinator of clinical research and the Chief of Sports Medicine to pioneer and manage the development of a comprehensive clinical research programme in evidence based sports medicine.
  • Assist the Chief of Sports Medicine to advise on media / public questions relating to the practice of sports medicine care in the Centre.
  • Act as a primary reference to Aspetar’s Medical Consultants in the care of sports medicine-related cases.
  • Support sports medicine activities and campaigns at a national level as required by the Executive Director of National Sports Medicine Programme and the CSM.
  • Participate in National Sports Medicine Programme related tasks as required.
  • Provide key support to the Medical teams with in Qatar Sports Clubs, Federations and Teams within the NSMP.
  • Provide on-call consultative services (off-site or on-site as the situation demands) as per hospital guidelines.
  • Plan and support educational, research and professional development that will enhance the quality of sports medicine clinical and patient services and professional standing of the Centre. 
  • Work closely with all members of an inter-disciplinary sports science team in the delivery of holistic patient care, including rehabilitative medicine physicians, physiologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, sports psychologists, podiatrists.
  • Responsible for attract, recruit, and develop medical skills to support the operations and goals of the Centre.
  • Support and work with the Executive Director of the National Sports Medicine Programme to achieve the goal of this programme.
  • Assume any other responsibilities as directed by the direct supervisor.
  • Provide guidance and direct input to the development plans and performance management of direct reports to meet the AZF objectives.

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Sports Medicine

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