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For Visitors

Aspetar’s Visitor Information Guide

Aspetar is proud to be known as one of the best orthopaedic hospitals in the world, and our range of services for athletes are second to none. Part of our mission, to assist athletes in achieving their full potential, means following evidence-based standards and making the care and safety of our patients a priority.

Our team of expert health care professionals arededicated to ensuring your stay is as painless and comfortable as possible, and we have created the Patient and Visitors Guides to support that goal.

The Patient and Visitors Guides are designed to answer any questions or concerns that patients, family members or visitors might have, both before and during a stay at Aspetar, and to enable us to ensure you receive the highest quality of care whilst you are with us.

All media contacts and requests are directed to our Marketing and Communications Department, who will do their utmost to respond to your query as quickly and as accurately as possible.

At Aspetar we aim to give you the highest service of comfort, and part of this service includes enabling a guest, namely an immediate relative, to stay with you overnight. Should you like to avail of this service, please inform your nurse beforehand as we have a strict policy in place, and your sitter will be asked to sign a form of understanding prior to their stay.

We ask that your sitter understands and respects our policy, and will be happy to discuss any additional information that they may require before their stay. Please be aware that if you are requesting a member of another gender to stay, you will be asked to provide a proof of marriage certificate. In addition, children under 18 years of age, and those who are of ill health or not fully mobile, will not be allowed to stay. We also ask that sitters are fully prepared to be awake and dressed by 7 am so we can commence your daily care.

Aspetar has an ATM service available for all guests and visitors. The ATM is easily located in the lobby of the main building to the right of the registration desks.

Aspetar offers free wireless Internet access to all patients and visitors, enabling you access through your own smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Mobile phones can be used throughout the hospital, and service is available in the majority of areas. In addition, a bedside phone is located in every guest room in Aspetar, allowing callers to contact the rooms directly. Should you know the room number of the patient you wish to contact, please dial 44132 followed by the room number, or dial 44132000 and ask the operator to transfer you.

Should you lose or misplace any personal items during your visit to Aspetar, please visit our Registration team in the lobby, or call them on extension 2640. To limit the possibility of this occurring, please consider leaving any items of a valuable or personal nature at home.

Aspetar’s main Mosque is located on the second floor of the main building.

While in any medical facility you should always be aware of hygiene, specifically hand hygiene, as frequently washing your hands is the single most important factor for preventing the spread of infection. It is very important that all visitors follow this hygiene standard and wash theirhands regularly using propertechniques, the instructions of which are available in the majority of bathrooms.

Should you not be able to access a sink, hand sanitizergel is available toeveryone, and dispensers are placed inevery patient room and immediately outside the door of the patient room, as well as in other areas of the hospital.

To limit the chance of any infection, we also strongly recommend that you do not visit the patient if you are ill, have the symptoms of becoming so, or have a communicable disease.

For health and safety reasons, and to keep infection rates to an absolute minimum, Aspetar do not allow the following items to be brought into the hospital:

  • Food (unless otherwise directed by a physician or dietician).
  • An excessive amount of flowers arrangements, including standing arrangements.
  • Organic materials, including carpets, mats, and live plants.
  • Bed linen, such as duvets, sheets, pillows and blankets.
  • Humidifiers, oud or incense burners.
  • Any kind of animal (even small pets).
  • Anything made of glass or hazardous and / or flammable materials.

Should you wish to view the full Aspetar policies and procedures on health and safety, please do not hesitate to ask your nurse, who will ensure a copy is made available to you.

We do our utmost to protect patient privacy, so please be respectful of both our patients and other visitors and do not take photographs or videos whilst you are at Aspetar.

Qatar Law prohibitssmoking in all public areas, and Aspetar upholds this by operating on a strictly no smoking policy. Any person(s) smoking within hospital grounds, including hospital rooms, bathrooms, balconies, and guest or public areas. Any violation of this policy may result in a fine upheld under Qatari Law.

There is ample free parking available for Aspetar patients and visitors, and we also offer additional services such as valet parking.

There are seated areas available on all floors of the hospital, thereby offering close proximity to patients rooms. Bathroom facilities are also available throughout.

When visiting a patient for the first time, please ask the Registration Desk in the lobby for the relevant information on the person you are here to see, such as their floor and room number.Should you wish to call an Aspetar patient, the Registration Desk can also provide you with their direct telephone number.

Aspetar welcomes visitors between 10 am until 10pm, with the exception of the Holy Month of Ramadan, when visiting hours will be extended to 12 midnight. We ask that there are only 2 visitors per room at any one time, and that all children are accompanied by an adult at all times. Unless they are sitters, any visitors remaining or arriving after 10pm will be asked to leave. Please also be respectful and courteous of our other patients and keep noise to a minimum. 

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