Dr. Markus Laupheimer


Dr. Markus Laupheimer

Sports Medicine physician

Markus is a passionate Sports & Musculoskeletal Consultant Physician with a broad medical knowledge of all major fields in medicine. He has a good knowledge of most developed healthcare systems due to experience of working within healthcare systems in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the US.

He has a keen interest in providing holistic Sports Medicine care with an interest in musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Ultrasound guided Injections, combined with nutrition, Injury prevention and rehabilitation. Markus has a passion for professional sports and team sports, their development and what sports medicine can do to create the perfect environment to perform. Markus has working experience in high performance sports (Football, Olympic sports).

New ideas help to create the future. Markus has an interest in innovation management, new research and product developments. Stratigic innvestments in healthcare and pharma.

Additionally he serves on the Centrica Healthtrust board which combines his medical knowledge, business knowledge and the understanding how the health insurance industry works and develops in several international markets. Markus also serves on the Board of Healthcare RM a leading provider of integrated healthcare solutions for healthcare trusts and occupational health.