Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates
For Aspetar clinical guidelines for safe return to sport during the COVID-19 pandemic, please Click Here


Aspetar is proud of the diversity of our team. Men and women from all over the world bring different nationalities, cultural identities, ethnic backgrounds and valued experience to Qatar to work together towards Aspetar’s vision of assisting athletes in achieving their full potential.

By sharing this common objective, our international team of experts operate in a truly unique manner, working closely and valuing each other’s skills and contributions to Aspetar as a whole.

All levels of our team, from physicians, researchers, rehabilitation staff, health professionals, administration staff and senior management, work on the fundamental value of respect for their fellow colleagues, as well as that of our patients and visitors, and do their utmost to maintain professional discipline and a high standard of care at all times.

Whilst Arabic and English are predominately spoken, our diversity is best indicated by the 47 different languages that are spoken amongst the Aspetar team, allowing us to effectively communicate with patients and vistors from any part of the world.

By practicing ethical standards, creating positivity in the workplace, and working in synergy, our international staff remain our most valuable asset.