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Aspetar is located within the Al Waab District of Doha, Qatar, and sits directly off Al Waab’s main street. It resides within Doha’s Sports City Complex, which also houses Khalifa International Stadium, Hamad Acquatic Centre, and the Aspire Zone, which incorporates the Aspire Academy, Aspire Park and Aspire Tower.

From Al Waab Street, both Khalifa International Stadium and Aspetar, which sits directly behind it, can be viewed from the road. Turn onto Sports City Road at the stadium junction, and you will see Aspetar on the left side of the road.

The hospital is accessed from Sports City Road, so follow it to the first roundabout and do a U-turn, then take the first slip road on the right to take you directly into Aspetar’s car park. The hospital parking area is located in front of the hospital under the white canopies.

There are numerous signs for the Aspire Academy at main intersections in Doha, which will also lead you straight to Sports City Road and Aspetar.

Amenities close by include Villaggio and Hyatt Plaza Malls.

Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital

Sport City Street
Near Khalifa Stadium
P.O. Box 29222
Doha, Qatar


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