About Research

Integrating cutting edge research into daily clinical practice

We believe that research is the essential foundation of outstanding player performance and athlete care. We work to integrate cutting edge research into daily clinical practice both in the hospital and on the playing field.

Aspetar is constantly involved in ground-breaking research endeavors. Our highly trained sports   sports science research team utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to collect data that can be used to allow athletes to reach their full potential.

The Center’s research findings are published in international peer-reviewed publications. The team regularly presents their knowledge at forums and conferences held by the world’s leading stakeholders in sports medicine and exercise sciences.

Areas of focus include: The Epidemiology of Football Injuries and their Management, Groin Pain, Sports Cardiology, Athlete Screening, Epidemiology of Medical Conditions, Ramadan and Sport, Environmental Physiology, Healthy Lifestyle.