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National Sports Medicine Programme (NSMP)

What is NSMP?

Aspetar established the National Sports Medicine Programme (NSMP) in September 2009 as a pioneer programme in Qatar with the key aim of facilitating the development of quality in sports medicine care for all sporting clubs and federations within Qatar and the Aspire Academy.

NSMP is changing the standards that are expected in this field, and is a programme unlike any other worldwide.

NSMP, whose main focus is on injury and illness prevention, works closely with the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) and the Ministry of Youth and Sport (MOYS) to ensure that the best medical and sports science services are readily available to all registered athletes.

This shared vision of both providing for and supporting Qatari athletes in reaching their full potential is the essence of NSMP, and its influence in maintaining these exclusive services and standards is something no programme before has been able to capture.

NSMP optimise athletic and sport performance by planning and establishing medical support in both Aspetar and Qatar’s clubs and federations to effectively control and manage programmes for athletes.

In addition, NSMP has a pivotal role in sports science and is resolute in enhancing performance outcomes within clubs and federations.

This support is provided over many platforms, including initiating ventures such as the Excellence in Football Programme, thereby engaging key stakeholders and coordinating programmes that sustain this approach.

NSMP also strongly believe that research is an equally important criteria in understanding this field of expertise, and it plays a large role in NSMP, and Aspetar, achieving our main objectives.

National Football Team and Medical Services

NSMP provide the National Football teams of Qatar with medical teams for all age groups and categories. This support also includes liaising with the Qatar Football Association on the wellbeing of the National Team Athletes.

Satellite Clinics within Clubs and Federations

NSMP’s high service standards within both Aspetar and Qatar’s clubs and federations include effectively controlling and managing programmes for athletes by planning and establishing NSMP medical support while recruiting, certifying, training and providing continuing education and management for all medical teams, as well as creating a medical infrastructure to accommodate the NSMP programmes and a sustainable system for high performance and sports excellence.

Since its inception it has grown substantially, and the 300+strong NSMP team members now supply 18 clubs and 24 federations in Qatar.

NSMP Mission and Vision

Aspetar is mandated to prepare and implement a national programme for sports medicine by coordination with sports bodies and local social institutions, and NSMP aims to be that entity by delivering world class end-to-end sports medicine for Qatar’s athletes.

Aspetar’s mission and vision encompass operating remedial and medical facilities related to all sports medicine and field injuries, as well as sharing in the development of sports medical science in all levels locally, regionally and internationally. As a programme of Aspetar, NSMP's mission also includes assisting Aspetar to achieve its stated goals and objectives in assisting all athletes reach their full potential.

NSMP Event Medical Coverage

The NSMP coordinates the medical coverage for a multitude of sporting events in Qatar. In 2016 NSMP coordinated the medical coverage for 83 events of all levels, from international world championships to regional GCC events.

With such a large number of events, the coordination involves close cooperation with emergency service providers including Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) and Internal Security Forces (ISF).

Coordination of medical coverage includes:

  • Medical staff including doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and nurses
  • Event medical managers and coordinators
  • Emergency service providers, including QRC and HMC ambulances/paramedics
  • Venue site plans and medical facilities

Recent event coverage has included:

  • UCI Road World Championships Doha 2016
  • AIBA World Boxing Championships 2016
  • IPC Athletics World Championships 2016
  • Men’s World Handball Championships 2015
  • FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 2014
  • Commercial Bank Qatar Golf Masters
  • Chi Al Shaqab
  • Tour of Qatar
  • Qatar ExxonMobil Open
  • Qatar Total Open
  • 3x3 All Star Basketball Tournament
  • FIG Art Gymnastics

Future Event Planning

  • FIG World Gymnastics Championships, October 2018
  • 23rd Asian Athletics Championships, June 2019
  • IAAF World Athletics Championships, September/October 2019
  • FIFA Football World Cup, December 2022

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