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About Medical Education

The best clinicians constantly strive to improve their patient care by maintaining scientific and clinical scholarship - learning new skills, updating current knowledge and sharing best practice principles. The Medical Education Department is committed to these clinicians, supporting a vibrant clinical and academic environment - beyond the requirements of Continuing Medical Education (CME)/ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points to re-license, but ultimately to improve patient outcomes through better care.

The objective of medical education and professional development at Aspetar is twofold: 1) to ensure optimal medical care delivery based on current evidence and best practice; 2) empowerment of athletes, patients and the community to enhance their wellness and achieve a vibrant and healthy society.

Healthcare Practitioners in the field of Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM), surgery, physical therapy and science should understand the health and performance needs of athletes and passionately promote and prescribe exercise in patients with chronic diseases. Those who understand and participate in their own health decisions cope better with injury and illness. It is the primary goal of the Department of Medical Education to support clinicians, students, athletes, patients (from Aspetar, Qatar, the GCC region and around the world) and the Qatari people to improve and regularly update their knowledge and skills by providing them with access to and facilitating the delivery of high quality health education focused on SEM.

Our team of medical educators has been to many of the worlds’ biggest sporting events as team doctors – including the Olympic Games, FIFA World CupsTM and athletics World Championships. They understand the fact that simple health messages to athletes often make the difference between a gold medal and finishing 4th.