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Post-Graduate Research Programme

Aspetar employs a number of post-graduate researchers who are enrolled on PhD programmes several European countries and Australia. This is an innovative model combining the training opportunities of a dedicated sports medicine hospital with the academic breadth of leading universities.

    Graduated PhD Students

  1. Gustaaf Reurink (with IOC Research Centre Amsterdam) - Managing acute hamstring injuries in athletes
  2. Andreas Serner (with IOC Research Centre - University of Copenhagen) – Diagnosis of acute groin injuries
  3. Andrea Mosler (with IOC Research Centre – La Trobe University) - Risk factors for the development of hip and groin pain in athletes
  4. Nicol Van Dyk - Risk factors for hamstring injuries in professional football players)
  5. Nathan Riding – The effect of ethnicity and body size on the athlete’s heart and their impact on cardiovascular pre-participation screening (Awarded 5th Sheikh Fahad Hiroshima-Asia Sports Medicine and Science Award).
  6. Richard Allison – Vitamin D and athletic bone health
  7. Anissa Cherif - Fasting and cognitive performance in athletes
  8. Dr. Lena Zimmo – Factors influencing Qatari women's physical activity
  9. Louisa Lobigs - The development of a new model to measure plasma-, red cell- and blood volume and its applications in refining the Athlete Biological Passport and improving volume management in hospitals
  10. Arnhild Bakken (with IOC Research Centre OSTRC) - What are the benefits of screening athletes for musculoskeletal injuries?
  11. Arnlaug Wangensteen (with IOC Research Centre OSTRC) - Diagnosis and prognosis of acute hamstring injuries among male athletes
  12. Scott Cocking – Ischemic pre-conditioning and athletic performance
  13. Gavin Travers - Heat acclimation with controlled heart rate: effects of hydration on adaptations and exercise performance
  14. Gavin McClean – The effect of physical growth and biological maturation upon the
  15. David Nichols – Physiological adaptations to heat acclimation; repercussions on cycling performance
  16. Current PhD Students

  17. Dr. Paul Dijkstra - Development of primary cam morphology of the hip in athletes
  18. Chris Skazalski - (with IOC Research Centre OSTRC) Risk factors for shoulder and knee problems in elite volleyball
  19. Eirik Wik (with IOC Research Centre OSTRC) -Injuries in youth academy athletes
  20. Athol Thomson - Shoe-surface interaction & non-contact lower extremity injury among elite male soccer players
  21. Polyvios Kyritsis - Likelihood of ACL graft rupture: not meeting six clinical discharge criteria before return to sport is associated with a four times greater risk of rupture
  22. Dr Thomas Baltes - (with IOC Research Centre Amsterdam) Diagnostics and outcomes of acute ligamentous ankle injuries
  23. Dr. Robin Vermeulen - (with IOC Research Centre Amsterdam) Reducing the re-injury rate and enhancing return to play of acute hamstring injuries
  24. Mohammed (Aziz) Farooq – Longitudinal studies of early adiposity rebound and physical activity and their impact on cardiometabolic health in adolescents
  25. Chris Esh - Manipulations of PGE2 and COX to augment in vivo cooling within humans