Sports Surgery Training Centre


The Sports Surgery Training Centre (SSTC) at Aspetar is the first of its kind in the region. Creating a centre of this calibre for sports surgery will allow the sharing of skills, experience and knowledge not only regionally, but internationally, and will highlight the state of the art facilities, programs and specialists that are part of Aspetar’s legacy.

The SSTC is a unique opportunity for Aspetar to maintain regional dominance in sports and orthopaedic medicine by developing and implementing the newest surgical techniques that will enhance premium sports surgical care and knowledge globally.

The training centre is currently undergoing its final stage of implementation and will be ready to open its doors in late 2015, when it will accept surgeons from all over the world to train and be trained amongst likeminded, internationally recognised doctors and surgical societies, programmes and organisations.

Additionally, working with professionals from within IRAMEA (India, Russia, Asia, Middle East and Africa) will allow an exchange of knowledge with the 20,000 strong group and will give Aspetar, Qatar and the region exposure internationally, while simultaneously improving and enhancing patient care by providing the best post-operative results along with the most innovative techniques.

SSTC is already being identified as an internationally certified surgical training centre, and will ensure Aspetar is renowned as a teaching reference for sports surgery.

The Sports Surgery Training Centre will be hosting its first course by the beginning of 2016.