Professor. Jan Ekstrand (Sweden)

Professor. Jan Ekstrand (Sweden)

Vice Chairman, UEFA Medical Committee

  • Professor Jan Ekstrand is a Medical Director and a specialist in Orthopaedic surgery.

  • He is a Professor of Sports Medicine at the University of Linköping, Sweden.

  • His graduation thesis related to soccer injuries and their prevention and was completed in 1982.

  • Since 1982 Professor Ekstrand has been running a prospective study related to sports injury (in Football) and its epidemiology.

  • He has also been responsible as team physician of the Swedish National Soccer Team for 120 matches and is the first Vice President of the Medical Committee of UEFA.

  • Since 2001, he has carried out UEFA injury audits in Elite Professional Football with the objective of increasing safety in football through prospective research of 75 professional football clubs from 18 different European countries.

  • Professor Ekstrand previously visited Aspetar in March 2008, giving a lecture related to his UEFA work on prevention of football injuries.

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