Exercise is Medicine® Qatar Clinic

Exercise is Medicine® Qatar (EIMQ) is a global initiative that is managed in Qatar by Aspetar as part of their Exercise Is Medicine Department, and is considered one of the key components in supporting the goals and objectives of the National Health Strategy and vision of Aspetar. 

EIMQ is designed to make physical activity assessment and exercise prescription a standard part of a disease prevention and treatment medical paradigm for all people living in the state of Qatar.

Working with medical practitioners, practice nurses and allied health professionals, EIMQ make physical assessment a component of every patient visit by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to counsel patients and / or refer patients based on their physical activity, exercise and health needs.

EIM’s three guiding principles are that physical activity and exercise are important to health and the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases; to support both the prescription of physical activity and exercise in health care settings; and the referral of patients to appropriately trained allied health professionals to deliver exercise treatment services.

In addition, EIMQ maintain and promote an integrated approach to the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions to help educate allied health professionals on the role of exercise in the prevention and treatment of conditions and referral process, as well as provide detailed resources and support.

EIM’s goals for the clinic plan is to build a strong co-operation with all medical practitioners and allied health professionals by targeting the promotion of public health through accurate medical and fitness assessment and appropriate exercise prescription. 

Regardless of the current condition of an individual, the primary aim of EIMQ is to encourage physical activity or exercise that is sustainable long-term.


Research has proven that exercise at the correct intensity and duration not only improves the quality of life, but also decreases the incidence of disease, chronic health conditions and obesity.

The population of Qatar faces growing health problems, including a variety of chronic diseases and health complications such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, depression and anxiety.

EIMQ are here to educate and guide Qatar’s community on how to use exercise as a ‘medicine’, as well as assist in the overall plan of both staying active and improving quality of life. In addition, EIMQ professionals will keep up to date on all the latest scientific articles related to health, physical activity and exercise.

EIM’s service packages cover everything that is needed to start becoming more physically active safely. Receiving an exercise and diet programme tailored to each individual’s specific needs will guide and assist Qatar’s population on the path to an improved health status by combining both a healthy diet and exercise.

EIM’s services include:

  • Medical examinations and counselling from the EIM physicians.
  • Blood lab tests.
  • Nutritional counselling and diet plans.
  • Fitness assessments and exercise prescriptions.
  • Group exercise therapy classes in Aspetar and Aspire Active.
  • Step into Health Programme (SIH).

Health care providers

EIMQ’s vision is to make physical activity and exercise a standard component of chronic disease prevention and management in Qatar by focusing and encouraging all health care providers to review and assess every patient’s physical activity levels at every visit.

Patients should be counselled on exercise regimes and provided with an exercise prescription, or given a referral to an accredited exercise physiologist or appropriately qualified allied health professional.

EIMQ encourages general practitioners and practice nurses to make a physical activity or exercise assessment a part of their interaction with every patient on each visit, when appropriate. Both general practitioners and practice nurses can refer their patients directly to an EIMQ clinic for further assessment and exercise prescription.


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