Outpatients Department

While Aspetar is a specialised sports medicine center focused on athletes, we also offer non-emergency services to the general public, both locally and from around the region, when necessary. The Outpatients Department is one of the main clinical hubs of Aspetar, offering medical care for all non-emergency musculoskeletal problems and coordinating the care of the patients in collaboration with all other services in the hospital,

  • Outpatients Department

Dr. Farrukh Hamid

Dr. Farrukh Hamid

Director of Musculoskeletal Medicine

Dr Farrukh Hamid is our Director of Musculoskeletal Medicine and Pain Consultant who specializes in regenerative medicine including PRP and adult stem cell treatments. Dr Hamid has acquired a strong background in his area of expertise and also holds an MBA and M.Sc. in Healthcare Management amongst...

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