ASPETAR Overview

Aspetar is the first specialised Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in the Gulf region.

It provides the highest possible medical treatment for sports-related injuries in a state-of-the-art facility, staffed by some of the world’s leading sports medicine practitioners and researchers ....

Our services

Qatar's Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, is one of the world’s leading sport medicine facilities.

Aspetar provides the highest level of medical services to people in Qatar, the surrounding region and across the world ....


The National Sports Medicine Programme (NSMP) is a rapidly evolving project that serves to assist Aspetar to reach its stated objectives.

Aspetar provides services to athletes through an agreement with the Qatar Olympic Committee ( that recognises  ...

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Aspetar Takes Lead at Premier International Conference in Monaco

Hospital’s Research Director delivers joint keynote speech at IOC World Conference.
Doha, Qa...
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Ivory Coast football stars choose Aspetar for treatment

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QFA Signs Service Agreement with Aspetar

Doha, 6th April, 2014: The football governing body in Qatar, Qatar Football Association (QFA) and wo... Read more

Latest Presentations

  • Repeated-sprint performance, but not neural strategies, is improved in a hot environment
  • Neural drive alterations may not be the cause for early exercise cessation in hot environment
  • Recording reflex waves during maximal voluntary contraction required a different methodology than at rest
  • Effects of a brief heat exposure on cognitive performance


Prof Karim Khan Prof Karim Khan is Director of Research and Education at Aspetar. He has previously worked with international athletes from several Australi... See full profile